When trying to modify light to suit your shoot, there are many different options and variables to choose from. One of the more popular modifiers are Beauty Dishes, but even then, you will need to decide which colour beauty dish is better for your needs. In this Blog, we discuss the differences between Silver and White beauty dishes, and offer a visual explanation of these Beauty Dishes.

In terms of the softness of light, both types of beauty dish will be similar (provided that both beauty dishes are the same size, and are at the same distance away from your subject), however the Silver Beauty Dish will give you a more contrasting light with more specular highlights. The White Beauty Dish on the other hand, will result in a more natural looking lighting. A Silver Beauty Dish will also accentuate the texture in the skin more than a White Beauty Dish would.

The example photos below were both taken with a 55cm beauty dish with the identical camera settings (ISO 100, f/11 1/125 second). The one on the left was taken with a Silver Beauty Dish, and the one on the right was taken with a White Beauty Dish. Notice how much brighter the highlights are on the left photograph compared to the one on the right.


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