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Beauty Dish Colour Comparison

In this Blog, we discuss the differences between Silver and White beauty dishes, and offer a visual explanation of these Beauty Dishes.

KINO 600II+ vs Bowens Gemini 500r

In this Blog, we compare two more flashes, the Pixapro KINO 600II+ and the

New LED100D MKIII Light

The LED100D MKIII is everything that you loved about the LED100D MKII, but

ST-IV TCM Function

In this Video, we join Portrait Photographer Jason Vaughan as he explains t


Today we compare two flashes, the CITI600 PRO and the PROFOTO B1X, to see w

CITI600 Product Shot

This video shows a wonderful way of lighting and shooting our CITI600 Flash

The Spike

The Spike is a brand-new piece of equipment that would be an incredible add

An introduction to buying Studio Flash L

When buying a studio flash kit there are a few things you need to take into

CITI600 vs CITI600 PRO

Many people have been asking the question “Which Flash is better for me,

How to Choose the best Softbox for you!

Every good photographer should have Softboxes as part of their kits. In thi

Best Free Photo Editing Software

There's now a wide range of free photo editing software here we take you th

Continuous Lighting vs Flash!

What would be the advantages and disadvantages of replacing my studio flash

Film Noir Cinematography

See below for a guide to film noir cinematography on a budget with the PIXA

Green Screen with the VNIX Series LED Pa

Green Screen with the VNIX Series LED Panels - With Ryan Priestnall

One Speedlite Adapter - Many Options

Ian Pack shows how the Pixapro SMART Speedlite Adaptor can create many opti

Understanding how the exposure triangle

A little helpful guide that will give you a better idea on how different as

Photographing a Legend - Miniature Photo

A behind the scenes video of Photographer Barry Mountford, creating a minia

Food Photography using the Pixapro Glowp

Learn how to produce interesting food photography using a Pixapro Glowpad 3

How to maintain your Lithium Ion Battery

The Lithium-Ion battery plays an important role in the day to day running o

Sams Kitchen - Food Photography using th

Learn how to produce creative and interesting Food photography images using

The Evolution of the Lithium Ion Polymer

The Lithium-Ion battery plays an important role in the day to day running o

True High-Speed Sync vs Long Tail High-S

Flash lighting in photography is arguably the most versatile type of lighti

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