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PIXAPRO CITI600 Manual Battery Powered Flash (Trigger Not Included)

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Product Information

Mega Location Lighting Test

How to shoot Motocross using the CITI600 Flashes with Colin Brister

Behind the Scenes Footage of Photographer Chris Ord using the Pixapro CITI600 TTL Flash;

To see a Product Overview of the CITI600 by Chris Ord please see the video below;

PLEASE NOTE: This video is not full a representation of what is included in this listing as some items are used for demonstration purposes only. Please see the “Specifications” tab for information on what this listing includes.

The PIXAPRO CITI 600 is a revolutionary battery powered portable monolight that features a self-contained rechargeable Battery, meaning that the battery is attached directly to the body of the strobe, instead of having a separate battery pack.

The CITI 600 is a powerful 600Ws flash with a guide number of 87m at ISO100 with the standard reflector attached. Its 11.1V / 8700mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack will give you approximately 500 full-powered shots per charge. Since the CITI 600 utilises Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology, it is capable producing short flash durations of between 1/220 second to 1/10,000 second (dependant on flash power output), whilst maintaining colour accuracy throughout its power range which opens up a whole world of possibilities. It also has super short recycling times of between 0.01 and 2.5 seconds. It also has a built in 10W LED modelling lamp, which has three brightness settings.

The CITI 600’s user-friendly interface, with large Dot-Matrix LCD screen enables you to quickly and easily change your flash settings with the use of large, easy to access buttons and a control dial. It features a variety of different flash modes including a High-Speed Sync mode (up to 1/8000 sec), and a multi-flash mode, which can be set to between 2 and 100 flashes at a frequency between 1 and 100Hz (flashes per second), which allows you to create many different effects such as stroboscopic photography.

The CITI600 features an integrated receiver compatible with the PIXAPRO PRO ST-III trigger system, allowing for features such as High Speed Sync to be used. It is also compatible with the PIXAPRO® PRO AC 16 Channel Radio flash Trigger set, which enables you to trigger your flash, and control the flash power remotely from the transmitter. The Pro AC trigger set also enables you to use the CITI 600 in conjunction with other flashes in the Pixapro Eco-System. including the PowerCore Portable Flashes, the Li-Ion580 series speedlites, and the Lumi, Storm and Kino studio strobes. The CITI 600 has a S-Type accessory mount enabling it to be used with a wide range of modifiers, and also has a Micro USB port, which will enable you to update the firmware when updates become available.

The PIXAPRO CITI600 is the perfect solution for the photographer who require the power of a studio monolight for use on location.

PLEASE NOTE: The High-Speed Sync feature on the CITI600 Manual requires either an ST-III TTL Trigger or an ECO2.4 Trigger to work.




  • Integrated PIXAPRO 2.4GHz ST-III Radio receiver.
  • Utilises IGBT technology for Super-Short Flash Durations, great for freezing motion.
  • High Speed Sync mode up to 1/8000th
  • High Guide Number of GN87 (at ISO 100 with Standard Reflector)
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • 500 Full Power Flashes
  • Super-quick Recycle Times of between 0.01– 2.5 Seconds.


  For instructions on how to set up and use this product, Please Click Here.

  For more information about how High-Speed Sync works, Please Click Here.



CITI600 Manual Flash

Max Power


Guide Number

87m @ ISO100  with Standard Reflector

Colour Temperature


Flash Duration

1/220s - 1/10,000s

Recycle Times

0.01 – 2.5 Seconds Recycle Time

Manual Flash Power Range

1/1 - 1/256 (1/3 Stop Increments)

Power Source

Built in (removable) 11.1V / 8700mAh Lithium-ion Battery

Number of Flashes

Approx. 500 Full Powered Flashes

Per Charge

Flash Modes

Manual / Multi

High speed Sync

Up to 1/8,000s 

Radio Frequency

2.4GHz (Compatible with PIXAPRO PRO ST-III TTL Triggers)

Work Range

100m with ST-III Transmitter in Open Area

Channels (Radio)


Controllable Slave Groups

5 (A, B, C, D, E)

Slave Modes


Other Trigger Methods


PC Sync Port, 3.5mm Sync port, USB port for Pro AC Trigger Set


220mm x 245mm x 125mm

Net. Weight


Accessory Mount






CITI600 Flash Head


Flash Tube


Lithium Battery Pack


Battery Charger


Power Cord


Lamp Cover


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Reviews for PIXAPRO CITI600 Manual Battery Powered Flash (Trigger Not Included)

(5)   By: nbg2@sky.com | 14 March, 2017

PIXAPRO CITI600 Manual Battery Powered Flash (Trigger Not Included)

Great product, very reasonably priced

(5)   By: Rob | 17 February, 2017

PIXAPRO CITI600 Manual Battery Powered Flash (Trigger Not Included)

Great trigger works evey time.

(5)   By: L. Foggitt | 10 February, 2017

PIXAPRO CITI600 Manual Battery Powered Flash (Trigger Not Included)

Haven't used it yet but from other reviews I've read I'm hoping it's going to work well

(5)   By: s_france1@sky.com | 10 February, 2017

PIXAPRO CITI600 Manual Battery Powered Flash (Trigger Not Included)

Solid build easy to operate high quality battery powered flash head. Synced straight away with trrabsmitter on canon 5d. The perfect solution for shooting out on location.

(5)   By: Richard Kellett | 1 January, 2017

Great flash, highly recommended

This is a great flash! I have used it at weddings, outdoor portrait shoots and in the studio. Always been reliable and battery lasts really well.

(5)   By: S. Coates | 16 November, 2016

PIXAPRO CITI600 TTL Battery Powered Flash

Great bits of kit for event photographers.

(5)   By: G. Frostick | 15 November, 2016

PIXAPRO CITI600 Manual Battery Powered Flash

This bit of kit is simply superb

(5)   By: Joseph Parry | 28 April, 2016

Pixapro C-STAND and Citi600 awesomeness!

To see video review please see the link below;

(5)   By: | 28 April, 2016

Pixapro CITI600 – Product Review

First and foremost, the most noticeable characteristic of the CITI600 is the fact that it is battery-powered. Yes, as studio head that is battery-powered. For me this is a god send. I run studio creative nights and have kids portraits sessions which means that a lot of the time there are lots of people in the studio moving around quickly. Being able to take away the hazard and hassle of wires, extension cables and everything that goes with that is a huge huge selling point to me.

To see full review please see the link below;

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Questions & Answers


You can use High-speed Sync (HSS) at any power setting with the CITI600, however you will lose around one stop of flash output when using HSS compared to when not using HSS at the same power setting.


If the CITI600 is set to a lower power setting (e.g. 1/32, 1/64 power etc.), it should be able to keep up with the multiburst mode of your camera with consistent results. However, we wouldn't recommend doing this repeatedly as it could cause the CITI600 units to overheat.


We have tested the CITI600 with the standard 7" reflector, and the reading we go was F/90.0 at a distance of 1m at ISO 100.


We have tested the CITI600 with our 95cm octacgonal softbox with 5cm at full power and the results were as follows:

  • F/36.0 at a distance of 1m at ISO 100 (Without Grid)
  • F/29.0 at a distance of 1m at ISO 100 (With Grid)

The reading between different softboxes may vary slighly, but this should give you a rough idea


To see what your current firmware version is of your CITI600 flash, simply press the <Menu> Button (Circled in Red) and it should be diaplayed in the top-right hand corner of the screen (Circled in Yellow).


To restore the CITI600 back to factory settings, press the MENU button to enter the custom settings, select “YES” on the RESET option.


Try removing the battery, then press and hold the power button for 2 seconds. Then try connecting the CITI600 to the computer again.


Please contact us at customerservice@essentialphoto.co.uk, and then let us know which product you would like the firmware for, and then follow these steps.

  1. First download and install the G1 program which is required to upgrade the Firmware for All Pixapro Flashes and Triggers.
  2. Download the relevant Firmware Update file for the product you would like to upgrade the Firmware for.
  3. Open the G1 program, and click the "Select File" button and select the firmware file that corresponds to the product that you would like to upgrade.
  4. Connect the product to your computer using a micro USB cable (The same type used by most Android phones).
  5. Then click the “Connect” button in the G1 program to connect to the Pixapro Product. If connection is successful, a message will be displayed on the G1 program menu. If connection is unsuccessful, please check that the Micro USB cable is properly inserted, and/or is working.
  6. Once Connection is Successful, click the "Upgrade", and you will be prompted when the upgrade is complete. If Upgrade is unsuccessful please repeat process from step 3.
  7. Once the Firmware has been updated successfully, then click the “disconnect” button in the G1 Software, and then disconnect your product from your computer.


We have run some tests, and the CITI600 doesn’t allow you to fire the flash until it has fully recharged.


The CITI600s have a built-in safety feature which switches the modelling light off after a certain period to prevent the unit from over-heating and causing permanent damage to the flash head. The amount of time the modelling lamp stays on for, depends on the power setting you have the modelling lamp set to:

  • At 30% power, the modelling lamp will stay on for approximately 30mins
  • At 60% power, the modelling lamp will stay on for approximately 20mins
  • At 100% power, the modelling lamp will stay on for approximately 10mins

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